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Welcome to AEP's ReCreation Land.
I arrived at AEP'S ReCreation Land on Wednesday, July 26 at 1:26 pm. The weather was wonderful, sunny and 82 degrees. I circled Hook Lake looking for the ideal campsite, then to Sand Hollow, then to Maple Grove and finally back to Hook Lake where I decided to settle in up on a hill overlooking the lake. (see pictures)  The campsites are clean, spacious, well maintained and "FREE" to camp up to 14 days. There are no hookups ie; water, electric or sewer but there is well water that you pump yourself for drinking. There is something wonderful about fresh pumped well water in the country. It doesn't taste like the water you get in the city. What do you think is the reason for that fresh crisp cool taste? For more information on AEP's ReCreation Land, ie; things to do and directions to the area, go to There you'll find all you need to know about this well kept area secret...Enjoy the pictures and happy camping...TB
Flying, Hotels, Car Rental vs Driving & Tent Camper Camping
     So you like to travel and you don't have enough money to go all the places you want to go.
One of the reasons you don't have enough money is because the airlines and the hotels and
the car rental places charge you an arm and a leg. Well based on my experience, there is a much less expensive way to travel to all those places you want to visit in 2017.
     It's Mardi Gras time on Galveston Island, Texas and hotel, motel, cabins and resort prices are about to go thru the roof, so get ready! Lodging will cost you from $160 to $225 per night in 3 star to 4 star hotels and motels on the island. But wait, there are other alternatives like condo rentals or BNB's. Then of course there are camp grounds thru-out the island. My favorite is Galveston Island State Park. See pictures below.
While lodging cost are up. the fees for Galveston Island State Park are $15, $20 and $25 per night. Cost for 7 days will total $175 while the hotel will cost you a mere $225 x 7 = $         do the math...So, you can stay on the camp ground for 7 days for what it would cost you for one night in a hotel or motel or condo. Imagine beachfront property for $25 a night. 
     Campsite C-1 at the camp ground was very nice and spacious with a lot of trees and campfire ring. Most campsites have electric and as an added feature, some of the newly renovated sites now have full hookups, ie; water, electric and sewage connections.
     The temperature was 57 degrees and partly sunny.  I backed in the site and unhooked the trailer and leveled it off. After about 20 or 30 minutes, I finally got everything in place and then started to unload the car and began to organize the camper like making the bed, putting down rugs, setting up dining table and turning on the heat. Now it's time to go grocery shopping.
     Well, I'm back from a supply run, just a small list of things I needed like soups, bread, butter,
meat and a couple snacks for late night around the campfire. Oh no, there is no firewood, dang. Oh well maybe tomorrow. Good thing I have a full propane tank and a 20,000 btu furnace and a backup electric heater. Did I mention the heated mattresses. Yep, feels real toasty on those slightly cool evenings. By the way, do not use silk sheets on that heated mattress because you will wake up in the middle of the night in an all out sweat. Be sure to use cotton sheets.
     After cleaning up the dishes and then a hot bath, I decided to settle in with a hot cup of Lemon Zinger tea and bed down for the night.    
Monday, it's about 9:47a.m. and I think I'll do a little exploring today. After breakfast I rode around the entire camp ground and discovered that there are only four other campers in the park and a couple in a tent. The four campers were in large motor homes or 5th wheels. Today will be a picture taking day. Temperature 64 today!
    After breakfast and taking my nutrients, supplements I remembered that I still needed some firewood so I ventured out in search of firewood. I first went to Meijers on St. Rt 36 just outside of Delaware and had no luck. I checked all the gasoline filling stations because they normally stock wood but no luck yet. I rode on into Delaware and saw firewood at a Certified gas station. Their bundles were only $4.00, so I went inside and bought 3 bundles. The attendant came out to unlock the little wood shed and her key didn't work as a matter of fact none of the keys she had unlocked the shed. Now she's pitching a King Kong and a western because the key didn't work. She went back inside to get another set of keys but another attendant comes out with a ring of keys and begins trying all the keys. It had to have been at least 30 keys on her ring. Now she realizes that none of her keys work either. Well you guessed it, I left with no firewood. So close yet so far away. After driving up and down St. Rt. 23, I saw a Kroger store, so I pulled in to do a firewood drive by and I saw a sign that said FIREWOOD 2 for $9..00 but upon further inspection, those bundles looked like twigs. Not a good deal at all. So, I'm off and running again. Now back on St. Rt. 36/37 east and I'm getting a hungry. I stopped and got a sandwich and headed east on into Sunbury and as I'm driving along looking on both sides of the road for any sign of firewood for sale, I see a United Dairy Farmer store (UDF) with stacks and stacks of firewood! Yahoo! I finally got 3 bundles of the illusive firewood. What a day.
     Well it's starting to cloud up and it is supposed to rain later on this evening, so after a nibble here and a snack there, I decided to try enjoying a campfire with a cocktail and read a library book if you know what I mean. Of course it was everything I had hoped for. smile!!!
     It is now 9:45 a.m. and it rained pretty hard last night and it's still drizzling now. Looks like no sunshine today but the temperature is 61 degrees which is a plus. Even tho it's a drizzly day, one can still find some beauty and joy in days like this ie; the smell of pure fresh air and the quietness of nature. It gets so quiet out here, you can hear the trees budding and growing. Who said there is no God. Show me a person that says there is no God and I'll show you a person who has never been camping. I say to you, go camping and take your kids camping. When your kids are grown up they won't remember that video game or that t.v. show or super heroes but they will never forget the summers they spent camping. So with all that said, I guess I'll get out and take some rainy pictures. NOT!!! Think I'll just chill for the rest of the day. Storms coming in this weekend so I'll probably break camp tomorrow. See ya next trip...